• What We Do

    We have a common goal of linking farmers with their target market and ensuring a continuous flow of demand and supply of farm products.

Covid19 has affected businesses and the economy at large.Agriculture has not been spared.Outback green is working to bring people together.


We are committed to ensure seamless process between farming and consumption and take control of the demand and supply of farm products.


To be a global leader in providing market solution for farmers.

Our Values

We are governed by the following values that enables us realize our vision by doing what we know best:


We do extensive research to ensure  we offer farmers and consumers quality products.


Trustworthiness and  respect,transparency  and honesty are at the heart of our operations.


Our personnel are keen to ensure clients are handled with utmost professionalism.


We are geographically diverse, well established with branches both locally and internationally.



We connect producers with the users of farm produce like grains, fruits etc  locally and across the globe in processing, and distribution, as well as offering a range of farmer services and risk management solutions.

Animal Nutrition

aquaculture, beef cattle, Dairy cattle, poultry and

food additives to promote animal health and productivity


We offer a diverse portfolio of nature-derived ingredients, Directly extracted from natural plants and ensure a smooth processing.


We trust natural extracted products for a solution to all agricultural needs.

Food and Beverages

We are technology-driven when it comes to food and beverages. We use our evidence-based approach to create a  transparent supply chain.


Solutions to increase profitability and improve operations. Customized products for industrial applications.


Outback green offers a wide range of natural pharmaceuticals ensuring smooth distribution from farmers to the end user.

Our Objectives

 To Ensure quality of farm produce

 To appreciate Farmers

 To create value for farmers

 To link farmers to markets

 To spread knowledge of good agricultural practices

 To improve our communities

 To contribute to food sustainability

Why Us

 We have come closer and closer to the farmers.

 We have reduced the chain between farmers and customers.

 We interact with our farmers directly.

 We have excellent customer service.

 We guarantee the most competitive Prices.

 We take time to educate our farmers on best practices in handling their products.